About Us

Here at HEAVEN, our key principle is to provide state of the art products to our customers to make their lives simpler, better and easier by providing a wide range of home appliances(TV, Ac, Fridge etc). All of it at affordable prices adhering to every class, at every corner, throughout the country, without compromising  on our fundamental principles.

That’s why they say

“Heaven wouldn’t be Heaven without US”.

We truly, soulfully believe in Narendra modi ji’s modern swadeshi movement i.e 

Make in INDIA.


Apart from the service sector, contribution from the manufacturing sector to India's GDP has remained stagnant for many years now.  And there is a dire need to enhance this contribution for the overall growth of the Indian economy.

With these uncertain times, menace has taken many forms. Modern warfare which included tanks and missiles aren’t mainstream anymore. It has shaped into a more lethal form like Bio warfare which gradually kills the country's GDP, eventually allowing adjacent autocratic nations to take over our freedom. 

This, desperately calls for self-seeking and self-reliant measures that encourage producing products “By the people of India for the people of India”.

Bright side

Thanks to neoliberalism, Technology is not baffling anymore, It is lucid, rational and reasonable for one who seeks it.

But Hyper Economic globalisation and its attendant flaws, inclusive of socio and economic rivalries, led to unjust/overpricing of all our current home Appliances.

The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed.

Market scenario 

It is very much evident that any Led Tv whether if it’s from a local or international brand would have a maximum life span of 1,00,000 hours, i.e 5-7 years (if played in standard mode). This information is very obvious and is being dogmatized by many foreign manufacturers.


We feel you 😊

Time to replace your elderly products with our New Bigger, Better and Brighter Tvs and other appliances at an unimaginable Bold price.

Like the preamble of India, we are devoted to the principle of providing a wide range of products without compromising on Quality to our valued customers.

Since you are family, we encourage you to spend wisely on electronic items, as they are replaced every 5 years on avg.

Why go the expensive so called smart tv route, if there are options like chrome cast and amazon fire Tv that make your big 4k TV and you actually smart.

Some prime models : eg eg eg

Be smart, spend wise is our Mantra

The world is no heaven for many but we can help you build one at home.

Pocket bhi Kush, wife bhi kush, dil bhi kush.

Afterall, no home would be Heaven unless the goddess in it is truly happy. 

Sign up and take a piece of us home today.