Transparent LED

Transparent LED Screen

Transform your windows or glass facades into a dynamic video advertising screen

A retrofit transparent LED screen solution that fits in behind any windows or glass wall to create an amazing video screen without blocking the view. The smart holo-effect LED display provides a minimalist solution with a modular design that will work in any environment. 

A Pro Display Transparent LED Screen offers an effective and striking alternative to Large Format LED Screens. The image on the screen is created by programming LEDs to work together, and by displaying the relevant pixel colour on the mapped LEDs, the lights come together to create an image. This effect is especially powerful when integrated into a glass facade, allowing designers to offer a screen solution for retail buildings with a focus on glass architecture without detracting from the overall design.

A Transparent LED Screen is also ideal for indoor window displays and are commonly used for reinforcing a brand. To advertise or to inform, these screens are an excellent option for anyone who wishes to display content in style without blocking out light or the view on both sides. This transparent screen opens up new creative options that were not possible with LCD screens and other LED screens.

These screens offer a more practical option when compared to many display alternatives, especially considering the modular composition of large format applications. This allows for enormous screens that could compete with the likes of LCD video walls in size, but drastically overshadows them in terms of brightness. Its inherent transparency offers a refreshing and ideal solution for hi-tech environments, dazzling audiences and spectators with the creative use of such technology, ensuring that your business, brand or message will not only be taken notice of, but hard to forget also.

Transparent LED Display

Ultra high refresh rate And High Contrast Ratio

Excellent Image Quality: Ultra high refresh rate IC and high quality LED chips are selected, high Contrast Ratio, large viewing angle, wide color gamut, anti-glare,Also customize according to your Project Requirements

Glass LED Display with High Transparency Rate.

Transparent led screen adopts high brightness side -viewing full color led lamps,greatly improve transparency. Min 3.7 mm, more than 60% transparency rate. Glass led transparent screen for Building Wall.

Fast lock for cabinet Connection

Transparent led screen Display Standard cabinet dimension:500*1000 mm,500*500 mm,Fast lock for cabinet connection, only 10 s for single people to assemble; and without any other tools.

Transparent LED Screen Specifications

Specifications Typical Applications
Module sizes – 1000 x 500mm or 500 x 375mm Windows, glass walls & facades
Pixel Pitch – 3.9 x 7.8mm or 7.8 x 7.8mm Corporate buildings & offices
Transparency up to 85% Retail stores & shopping centres
Brightness – 5000 cd/m² Stadiums & arenas
Viewing angle 160 ° Hotels & airports
Software & control system included Car showrooms

Based on client requirement technical and physical aspects are subject to differ and improve.

Transparent LED Video Wall Feature Introduce


Permeability is 60% -90%, translucent, ventilation, does not affect the lighting and line of sight,It’s very suitable for installing glass walls.

Thin and light,Easy to Installation

No need steel structure: directly attached to the wall installation, saving space and installation costs.

Indoor installation for outdoor viewing

Easy to maintenance, safety, less approval processes than outdoor advertising .

Customized is available

Modern transparent LED display has all kinds of types, the structure is complex, the size isn’t the same, the standard cabinet couldn’t meet the needs of all projects , CONCRE can be customized the best product solution according to the reality situation, to ensure the permeability of transparent LED display, completeness of display and consistency.

Energy saving, fast cooling

Easy to maintenance, safety, less approval processes than outdoor advertising .

Transparent LED Wall Video Show

Transparent LED Display Specification Download


Model P3.91 P3.91 P7.81 P7.81 P10.4
Pixel pitch 3.91-7.81 3.91-7.82 7.81 7.81-15.625 10.4
Lamp Indoor SMD2121 Outdoor SMD1921 Outdoor SMD2525 Outdoor SMD2525 Outdoor SMD2525
Pixel density 32768 32768 16384 8192 9230
Module size 500mm*500 or500mm*1000mm or1000mm*1000mm Can be Customized Size available
Cabinet material Acryic Aluminum Steel
weight 15KG/㎡ 15KG/㎡ 14KG/㎡ 14KG/㎡ 14KG/㎡
Transparency 65% 65% 70% 75% 80%
Brightness ≥1000nit ≥4500nit ≥4500nit ≥4500nit ≥4000nit
Refresh rate ≥1920HZ
Scan mode 1/165 1/85 1/25 1/25 1/35
Max power consumption 400W/㎡ 600W/㎡ 600W/㎡ 550W/㎡ 550W/㎡
Average power 120W/㎡ 180W/㎡ 180W/㎡ 180W/㎡ 180W/㎡
PCB FR-4 four layers board,2.0mm thickness
Driver IC MBI5124,Hight Refresh Rate
Installation Hanging or Stacking
Brightness level 256 Level
Installation Indoor IP30